3 types of Lighting for Interior Spaces

Interior lighting or light settings for interior space is very important. Lighting or lighting arranged to a certain state of mind created will be an elegant and aesthetic building in the room. With the lighting of the game uses the Perbedeaan effects of light, we can affect the atmosphere in a room.

For in space (house, rooms, and other spaces), the main tool used in the lighting setting of the room (interior lighting) is artificial light.

Task lighting

In general, artificial lighting is distinguished in three types: General lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

General Lighting

General lighting or general lighting is a lighting system that became the main source of information. The lighting is usually made by placing the point of light at the point of the bottom or at some point are mounted symmetrically and evenly.

The purpose of use for general lighting is a light source produces light and careful base. The lamp is a TL lamp or Downlight. In addition, lighting can also be used indirectly (indirect lighting) and hidden lights that use the diagonal light only.

Excellence is indirect light can produce light evenly without creating glare and eye “hot” ever more noticeably with light beige display color.

Task lighting

Task lighting is a lighting system focused on an area with the objective of helping a particular activity. Task lighting can also be a way to avoid eye tension when activity.

An example of the task lighting is a workspace equipped with a desk lamp to read so the eye does not get tired quickly. Another example is the lights at the top of the counter table that allows people to read a recipe is cooked masakanketika. Or, the chandelier was placed at the top of the dining room leading to the dining table.

In addition to those provided as light snacks that claim function, task lighting can also serve as a constituent of the atmosphere.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight or focus on an object to be more visible.
Accent lighting installation In spaces commonly used to highlight art objects (illustrations) or highlight paint.

Accent lighting tends to use the reflector because it produces a strong light bias and focuses on generating the desired object. The use of wall lamp can also be used for safe on the wall so that the display produces a dynamic space.

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