Decorating A Beautiful Sleep Beds Without Headboard

If the design should always use bed headboard? The answer is always no, my friend! But usually the design of bed bed without bedside, seems a little not pleasant to the view. Then how what can Rooang do PAL to make decorating a beautiful dorm beds without headboard? Below is a little tip and trick:

Decorating A Beautiful Sleep Beds Without Headboard


Generally the decoration of the beds of the dorms without headboard can be overcome by putting Stick on the wall. and PAL Rooang Add is a great painting so the walls are stuck by your bed this bed is not empty.


There are a few people who told me it is not good if the bed in front of the window. But if the window was turning against the dream it’s okay, right? Cause, substitution effect and exchange the fresh air of the morning will go straight from the top of the head and into the whole room one bedroom to make the body fit more. But don’t make the recommended window design which is too big, enough to make as high as the remaining area in the header only!


On the header that does not exist, replace with Rooang PAL by attaching plywood or wood panels so that the beds on the beds make them more beautiful.


The area of the headboard becomes vital because partly the pal can rest the head on calmly and relaxed, without having to be plagued by the stains on the wall. The area of the headboard would certainly be much cleaner than the wall area!

But if the header does not exist, PAL can menyiasatinya with stacking various types and sizes of pillows. It is done so it adds to the comfort factor at the moment they are relaxing in a dorm.

The empty wall area without headboard could also pal contents and decoration by installing Ambalan. This should not ambalan too close with bunks, creating is a little high to not injure their heads.

Therefore, it turns out that although a bed-mate’s beds do not have PAL headboard you can still feel safe and comfortable too! There is no need to worry because of the previous tips and tricks, it can be applied with ease.

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