Decorative Mosaic Walls 2018

With the exception of lacquer and mosaics, ceramic wallcover can also be used as alternative coating wall space. Ceramic mosaic lot in the search. The unique motif as well as diverse, from classic to modern, ethnic, futuristic. Their material also of variation, there is a metal, glass and glass as well as the combination of natural stone (granite/marble).

In general, the side of the Moorish ceramic mosaics can be overlaid. For example, floors, pillars, walls, doors, ceilings, backdrop, to the façade. With the standard size 30cmx30m, ceramic is light and supple with a thickness of 14 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, up to 4 mm.

Decorative Mosaic Walls 2018

So the installation of ceramic tile cleaner, you need to use a molding machine (pull) string, so that the limiting flow mosaic with small nail does not go down.

Before placing the mosaics, make sure that the walls are in the median state. Wear a spirit level check. When the first wall surface is painted, you need Mengerok as well as Mengelupasnya. The reason paint can transform the day sticky seeds as well as mosaics.

Decorative Mosaic Walls

These tips provide ceramic mosaics on the walls.

For example, the part that wants you light coat mosaic 1, 5mmx3m. The mosaics that you Cascara from Venus, also in reality you do not have the spatula too.


1 Bra Spatula
Ceramic Venus Cascara 2Box (2 × 22 LBR)
6 Leaves Ceramic Cascara
1sak MU400
15 kg Cement Naad
Steps of implementation:

In this step, the necessary note i.e. surface of the wall in a dry state, strong, and free of dust, so that the material is Merekat Prime.

Lankah Create a decorative mosaic walls

1. Clean the surface of the wall is installed the mosaics. If there is still the rest of the line cable, wire, free with pliers. Make sure that no material is attached.
2. Apply instant adhesive cement on the walls already.
3. Arrange the mosaics above the glue is still wet, press up to strongly attached.
4. Clear plastic seal, which is stuck on the mosaics. Allow 1-2hari until the adhesive is completely dry.
5. Check again. Clear mosaic of dust and oil, especially on Baigan gaps Antarmozaik.
6. Apply Gap via Slit naat, press.
7. Clean the remaining joints which selekasnya to the surface of the mosaic with a sponge and water, not more than 2 hours after installation.
8. Let sit back 1-2 days until the joints are so dry, then clean up.
9. Your wall has a different appearance.

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