How To Easily Make A Cupcake Containers Of Wood

Planning a celebration or meeting with family or friends? Serve the dish inside a unique way, yuk ! No need to purchase a container, you are able to create your own personal cupcake containers with a really easy way.

In making something naturally requires tools and materials, then what else is needed? No got to worry since you only need slightly of tools and materials to produce a beautiful cupcake container and cute.

Easily Make A Cupcake Containers Of Wood

Tools and materials :

1 section of wood (up to 10 – 15 cm ) ;
13 thin bits of wood (thickness lower than 1 cm in diameter and 8 – 11 cm ) ;
Stapler gun ;
Wood glue ;
Paint the wood.
Already found out all of the tools and material?

This is the time we result in the cupcake containers by means of simple SL. Truth be told, you only got to connect all of their parts using the strapler and glue. We make direct !

Making Strides :

Prepare all of the bits of wood, either thick or thin ;
Stacking seven bits of thin bits of wood to form a circle having a point nucleus.

Connect involving the bits of one with another pieces by using the strapler shoot. Ensure each section of wood is basically sticking to one another ;

Tumpukkan six other thin wood bits of fruit on the highest side from the seven bits of wood that were drawn up before ;

The sixth tape thin bits of wood using wood glue and permit to completely dry out. How dry It‘s by reversing all of the wooden pieces and leave it as much as a couple of hours ;
Thick bits of wood also paste it inside the Middle / the core of thin bits of wood that already form a circle ;

Once the glue is dry and also has already formed, catlah all parts from the surface from the wood using fine wood paint. Choose pastel colors, so the cakes are displayed will look more beautiful. Dry until completely dry before being used ;

Well, now it is been cupcake containers you should use. Its cute is extremely suitable to decorate the corners of the space inside the House

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