Many Are Wrong! Here’s How To Put The Right Furniture

The existence of the furniture of course can not be separated again from each house. Most people keep furniture or furniture according to their desire, but there are a few things to note. It turns out that this way the correct furniture store:

Identify the focal point

Identify the focal point

A focal point or focal point of a part is mandatory. What’s the point? You can direct furniture or furniture to the focal point. Not only that, the distance of all the furniture must be adapted to the focal point of the room.

An example of this, if the focal point in a room, then the TV is the ideal distance between the set and the seat three times the size of the screen. The count if you have the TV measuring 40 inches, if highly recommended its chair is 120 inches.

Make sure the function room

The first thing to note is the importance of the function of the room. The meaning of this, examine how many times the room is used and how many people use it.

Why such things in consideration? This will be associated with the type of furniture required, as well as the number of furniture required. For example, here’s the thing, if the room will be used by a lot of people, so don’t use too much large furniture.


Applying the variations in a room seems to consider. One of them is to bring the size of the piece of furniture or furniture that is more varied. This will move the eye up and down while anyone scans the room.

There’s one thing to note! Never store furniture or furniture that is identical or adjacent to different. This will make the room look more full and was also impressed.

Specify the priority of the

Specify the priority of the

When you put the furniture in a room, make sure to put the biggest pieces first. What is an example? A large piece of furniture is here which is like a couch in the living room and the bed in the room.

Many are dough furniture to the wall with the purpose of maintaining the room becomes more prevalent, but one thing is arguably false. A good placement is not sticking all the furniture to the wall. The most important thing is not to store too many items.

Distance space

The only thing that cannot be neglected is the movement of space in a room. Think also operates between the areas of the room. Never store a large piece of furniture in the middle of the room, especially on incoming outputs.

How does a good setup? You can give a distance of about 30 to 48 inches as the distance from the place works. Does the room belong to petite? No need to worry because you can also give a distance of about 24 inches.

Distance Table and sofa

Distance Table and sofa

The use of a table in a room, especially the living room is not something that is foreign again. Make sure the easy hand table of each seat. You should know that the sofa table with the ideal distance is about 14 to 18 inches. The distance it would have adjusted so that each person can move freely.

Air Circulation

Minimalist interior with terrace. rendering of the image.
What is the relationship between furniture and air circulation? Do not be considered trivial because it turns out that both are durable. If the furniture is sized too large and cover the way out the air influx, then the traffic does not go smoothly. Therefore, give the distance between the air circulation with the furniture.